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Caregiver needs a caretaker

Be a nurse they said, it will be fun and satisfying they said. HUH? Being trained in the nursing field with extended experience in geriatrics did not prepare me for the struggles of caring for an aging loved one. So lets go back to the beginning. The woman who we called "granny" was the strongest and most caring women I had ever known. She will never need us is what i thought, she will always be the one that "we" need. She was there when we WERE children and then she was there when we HAD children. She was granny, the babysitter, the mentor, the spiritual leader, the one that held the family together. Watching the tall, "healthy" woman get the kids together and make them "mind". "Get in here boys" that what she would say no matter who you were or how old. Then it hit all of a sudden, she was starting to need help. Small signs of struggles that we didnt notice at first. Regular signs of aging I suppose or was it??

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